Crosskix APX – The Everyday Wear Water Shoe

Footwear is a struggle for many paddle sports enthusiasts.  Trying to find the right product to wear can be extremely difficult and at times leave you wondering if there is something better.  For many kayakers it’s an old pair of sneakers, Crocs, or maybe even some boots that get the job done.  However, each one of these has their own set of draw backs.

Sneakers don’t drain well or dry out quickly, Crocs aren’t the most pleasing to look at, and boots usually aren’t comfortable to wear all day long.  So, if each of these have some draw backs, what is the solution?  This is where Crosskix come in.

Crosskix APX

Crosskix are the solution to so many problems that paddlers run into every single day.  Great drainage, all day comfort, and they are stylish to boot.  Let’s take a closer look at what sets the Crosskix apart from every other water shoe on the market.

Fit and finish of the Crosskix APX

Starting with the construction – Crosskix are made from a soft foam composite that not only molds to your foot but provides enough support to be worn all day long.  The foam composite provides a durable outer sole that can handle wear and tear, but also allows for water to drain out with ease. 

The walls of the shoe feature several drainage holes to help wash away water, rocks, and sand.  The drainage holes also allow for plenty of air flow, keeping your feet from getting too hot.  With an elastic shoelace you can get the shoe as tight or as loose as you want. 

One of the top features of these shoes is the additional soft touch foam insert at the top of the heel.  This soft touch foam really helps reduce the friction and helps reduce hot spots and blisters from forming. 

Okay, so it sounds like a great water shoe.  It is comfortable to wear all day, it drains water well, and it looks like a relatively traditional sneaker.  That is all great, but what really sets this shoe apart is how well it excels as an everyday shoe.

When we received our first pairs of Crosskix we didn’t know what to expect.  We figured they would be comfortable to take out on the kayak or the boat, but what about wearing them all day, every day?  We did just that, and it has been a great choice.  At the time of writing this, I have been daily driving these shoes for nearly two months straight.  Kayaking, boating, golfing, work.  You name it, and I have probably done it in the Crosskix APX shoes.

Lets go back to that first day of getting my shoes and talk about how they fit.  To say that I have a foot that conforms well to many shoes would be a lie.  Most pairs of shoes I own are size 10.5 to 11 and quite frankly are too narrow for my feet.  A wide shoe is too wide, but a standard width usually results in me blowing out the sides of my shoes in less than 4 months. 

Knowing that I tend to fall closer to the 10.5 than an 11 in most traditional sneakers, I chose to go with the size 10 APX’s in Greystone.  The shoes arrived, I slipped them on, and… they were too small.  While I liked they way they felt length wise, they just felt a little too tight in the sides of my feet.  Not to worry though, as we had also ordered a pair of 11s.  I slipped them on and found that the width in my forefoot to be excellent, but the length was a little longer than I would have wanted.

After finagling with the laces a bit, keeping them a little more on the loose side near the toe box and a bit tighter near the top of the tongue, I finally found what felt like a great fit.  At first, I did notice a little bit of my heel slipping out of the shoe, but nothing that would raise concern.

I told myself I would wear these for every single occasion possible for the next two weeks.  That turned into work, kayaking, boating, and even playing in a charity golf tournament when I left my golf shoes at home.  That two-week period has quickly turned into nearly two months of full-time wear.

Long Term Wear

So, at nearly 2 months, how are they holding up?  Let’s start with comfort and feel.  These are, bar none, some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.  I will wear these shoes with and without socks and find they are great for all day comfort.  Walking around the golf course I found that they had great traction and were honestly a bit more comfortable to walk the course in compared to my normal golf shoes.  When in the kayak and on my boat, I love how quickly they drain, but also how much more supportive they feel compared to my Crocs. 

So, they feel great, and they are getting the job done, but are they going to last?  I have an interesting gait pattern that tends to wear down the outside edge of the heels in my shoes.  The Crosskix are no exception to this.  I have managed over two months of time to wear down the entire tread pattern on the outside portions of the heels. 

Even though I have worn away the tread, I wouldn’t say that this wearing is nearly as bad as it sounds.  With my gait pattern I usually do this to most running shoes in the same time frame.  The shoes show no sign of breaks or tears, and aside from a few creases and some dirt, they look pretty darn close to being new. 

One of the most frustrating things I find with shoes is keeping them clean and low odor.  This is why I love the foam material that Crosskix utilizes.  If your shoes are dirty or stained, cleaning them is as easy as a little Dawn dish soap, some warm water, and a nylon scrub brush.  You can easily see how a little effort makes a world of difference in how these shoes clean up.

As for cleaning the inside, the grooves and traction on the inside can be a source of problems for some.  The small grooves are an area that will collect dirt and debris, inherently increasing the odor of the shoe.  However, this is easy to clean out again with a little elbow grease and some dish soap.  Other than that, these shoes are really low maintenance.  I have had fish blood, mud, and many other stains on the shoes, and they all come off with ease.

So, after two months of use I cannot recommend my Crosskix enough!  As a long time believer in Crocs being the ultimate water shoe, I now have a new top pick.  The APXs ability to perform great not only as a water shoe, but for moderate exercise and day to day lifestyle wear has really pushed it as my first pick when headed out the door.  No straps, no irritating wear areas, and a shoe that looks like a regular sneaker are all added bonuses.  If you haven’t tried a pair on yet, you need to because there is no other shoe like it.

We currently have several sizes and colors in stock to try on in our store.  If you don’t see the color or size you are looking for we can easily get them shipped directly to your door.