Holiday Buying Guide

2022 Holiday Buying Guide

The holidays are nearly here and that means it’s time to pull some of our favorite items and put them on our holiday buying guide.  We have narrowed it down to some of our top picks and are giving you a sneak peek at what items will be on sale for the holiday season.  Make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list (scroll to the bottom for a fillable form) so you can get access to exclusive coupon codes and deals to save this holiday season!


Hobie Passport

The Hobie Passport is a perfect kayak for getting anyone on the water.  This budget conscious kayak doesn’t skimp out on functionality.  The two piece construction means it is light weight but durable.  Featuring the Mirage GT Drive with Kick-Up Fins means that you can pedal across a ton of water without worrying about hitting something!  The Passport is a great starting fishing platform, but it also is simple enough to let the kids use or just to get your significant other out on the water with you!  Available in 10 and 12 foot versions and three different colors!

Jackson Coosa

Available in both a paddle and a pedal version, the Jackson Coosa is an amazing all-around platform for nearly every angler.  At 12’6” long and 34” wide, stability is a non-issue.  Anglers of nearly any size can stand up and fish all day long in either kayak.  The FD and HD both feature plenty of storage both in the front and rear of the kayak.  The FD has the brand-new Flex Drive Mark IV which provides low effort speed in any condition.  Both kayaks have a ton of gear track which allow you to secure all your accessories in any orientation you want.

FeelFree Lure

Available in a 10 foot and 11.5 foot version, the Lure V2 is one of the best bang for your buck paddle kayaks on the market.  Featuring the Feelfree Gravity seat you get a seat that punches way outside of its weight class.  The patented wheel in the keel means that you can roll the kayak down to the water with easy.  The Lure is also made from a rotomolded hull, giving you a rugged hull that can take a beating.  It also comes with a sonar pod to mount your fish finder, a large front access hatch, two molded in rod holders, and a large rear tank well.  All of this means you can take all your fishing or adventure gear with you with ease.


Aquaglide Cascade

aquaglide cascade 11

The Cascade is available in a 10 and 11 foot variation.  The 10’ has a 180 lb capacity and is 30” wide, making it an extremely stable platform for its size.  The 11’ bumps up in capacity to 300 lbs and is 32” wide.  The increased length of the board and weight capacity mean that you can go out with the kids or your dog on the same board.  Both sizes come as a complete kit, including a travel bag, hand pump, fin, leash, and a paddle. 

Badfish Monarch

With glide for flatwater paddling and stability to take on rougher waters, the Monarch is all about versatility. Badfish’s unique exoskeleton design allows the Monarch to be light without sacrificing rigidity. Everything you need fits in the included bag that you can check on your next flight or throw in the back of the car for a weekend at the lake.  The Monarch is 11’ long and 34” wide providing excellent stability and has a capacity of 100-260 pounds.

Everything Else


Tired of bad water shoes?  Crosskix are the last pair of water shoes you will ever need.  Made from a foam composite the shoe conforms to the foot and is ready for any challenge you throw at it.  With plenty of drainage you can take these shoes everywhere.  On the boat, in the kayak, to the store, or even on the golf course, Crosskix will conquer it all.

BlackPak Pro

Blackpak Pro 13 x 16 black

YakAttack’s newest version of the BlackPak takes a crowd favorite to a new level.  Available in three sizes and three colors, there is an option that works for every kayak.  The new tether tubes and gridlock panels allow you to make it yours.

VISICarbon Pro

Safety should be your number one priority on the water.  Using the YakAttack VISICarbon Pro you can make sure everyone can see you.  The twist top light is bright enough to make you stand out in those low light situations while the orange flag covers you during the day.  Use the T-bolt to mount it into any gear track or stick it into a rod holder.  The flag even doubles as a bag and the entire set-up fits inside.

Nocqua Power Bank

Lots of power in a small form factor.  That’s Nocqua’s claim to fame.  The Power Bank is no different.  With 10,000 mAh this tiny power bank will charge your phone, GoPro, and other USB devices several times over.  We have been using these on the water to keep our GoPros running without batteries.  One of these gets you a full tournament day on the water of recording power.

FeelFree Dry Bag

Available in 5L, 15L and 30L sizes you can protect all your valuables on the water.  The 5L is perfect for your keys, phone, wallet, a small camera, and even a sandwich.  The 15L lets you bump up to a lot more space, including a full-size camera, a drone, and a jacket.  The 30L lets you pack a change of clothes, a towel, shoes, and more!  Once everything is in the bag, squeeze out the air, roll the top a few times, and buckle it shut.

Nocqua Spectrum P2 Lighting Kit

glow paddles

Light up the night with Nocqua’s Spectrum P2 lighting kit!  These lights strap to the underside of nearly any kayak or paddleboard and let you explore the water at night.  With several different lighting colors, you can either attract the aquatic life or have a party on the water.  The kit comes with the lights, straps, a 4.4Ah waterproof battery, charger, and a bag to secure it all when you are finished.