Three Belles Outfitters Rental Agreement Policies

These rules and guidelines are for your safety as well as that of our staff.  Please review these policies before you book a rental with us.  Safety is our number one priority.  Following these guidelines ensures that everyone remains safe and has fun!  These regulations are developed for ON SITE daily rentals for individuals.  Group Rentals, Off Site Rentals, Weekly Rentals and Events have additional guidelines.

Rental Guidelines

It is vital that when renting from Three Belles Outfitters you follow the procedures and guidelines for all our kayaks, paddleboards, Mirage Eclipses and sail kayaks. Every renter will be required to sign a waiver prior to departure. All renters under the age of 18, must have the waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. All single kayak, paddleboard and Mirage Eclipse rentals are for the use of 1 person. Children may not ride on paddleboards or Mirage Eclipses with an adult. Small children may be permitted to ride with an adult in kayaks provided the weight limit of the kayak is not exceeded. There is a maximum of 2 children per tandem kayak. All renters must wear PFD’s at all times, failure to wear your PFD will result in termination of your rental with no refund for unused rental time. Security deposits may be required depending on the type of rental.

Weight Limits

All our kayaks, paddleboard, Mirage Eclipses and sail kayaks have capacity and weight limitations. For your safety, the longevity and integrity of our equipment, please ensure that you do not exceed the weight limits. Damage as a result of misuse or exceeding limits explained below will be at your expense.

Paddle Kayaks:  300 pounds

Pedal Kayaks: 

                               Sports:  200 pounds

                               Passport 10.5:  300 pounds

                               All others:  300 pounds and up

                               Tandem:  425 pounds

Stand Up Paddleboards:  225 pounds

Mirage Eclipses:  250 pounds

Sail kayaks:  350 pounds (single)/550 pounds (tandem)

Age Restrictions

Must be 18 years or older to rent kayaks, paddleboards, Mirage Eclipses and sail kayaks.

Children aged 6-17 years of age may ride with a parent or legal guardian in a tandem kayak.

Children aged 8-12 years of age may paddle their own kayak in a group of adults in the Cove ONLY.

Children aged 12-17 years of age may paddle their own kayak in a group of adults.

Children aged 12-17 years of age may paddle their own paddleboard and pedal board in a group of adults.

Adults only may rent single sail kayaks, Children aged 14-17 years of age may ride with a parent or legal guardian in the tandem sail kayaks.

Reservations and rentals will not be made for groups of minors who are not accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Schools and lessons are the exception to this rule, which have additional written permissions. Reservations for minors made without adult supervision will be cancelled and subject to a 10% cancellation fee. Events and programs, such as SUP Yoga and Sunset Cruises, are strictly available to those 18 years and older. Youth events, including birthday parties, are available and must be scheduled and pre-planned with the Programs and Events Coordinator at Three Belles Outfitters. This ensures we have the proper resources and supervision in place to accommodate the party.


PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) must ALWAYS be worn by all renters!  While, CT D.E.E.P. statues say that PFD’s need only be worn until May 31 in any given calendar year, it is Three Belles Outfitters policy that they must be worn at all times. Failure to follow this procedure, will result in the forfeiture of remaining rental time with no refund for lost time.  Only participants in TBO SUP Yoga classes taking place in the COVE may forego wearing PFD’s. 

Coolers, Alcohol, and Drugs

Small personal coolers are allowed on TBO rentals.  Coolers should be no bigger than what can easily fit in a kayak crate.  Please no full size coolers.  Coolers may not be used on paddleboards. Cooler must not interfere with safe kayak operations or exceed the weight capacity of the kayak. 

The use of drugs or alcohol before or during the rental of a kayak, paddleboard, Mirage Eclipse or kayak sailboat is strictly prohibited.  Renters agree to refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol during their rental.  TBO reserves the right to refuse rental to anyone suspect to be under the influence without refund of rental fees.


We love fishing and we want you to love it too!  We encourage fishing from all our vessels!  All renters are responsible for having the appropriate fishing licenses for the area you are fishing in.  While, we highly encourage catch and release fishing, sometimes a keeper needs to be kept!  It is your responsibility to know the rules, regulations, size and catch limits for the species you are fishing in the area.  Many of our boats or paddles have measuring tapes up to 48” on them to help assist in ensuring catches are of legal size.  FISH ON!

Security Deposits

Any rental that features a Hobie Mirage drive unit (kayak, Mirage Eclipse, sailboat) is subject to a $ 200.00 security deposit.  Fully Rigged Pro Angler 360’s are subject to a $ 450.00 security deposit.  Paddleboards are subject to a $ 50.00 paddle deposit.  Security deposits will be accepted in either cash or by credit card.  Credit cards will be charged in full for the amount of the rental and the deposit.  Deposits will be refunded upon the satisfactory return of the rental.


All rentals will be inspected prior to departure by both the renter and TBO employee. All damage must be noted prior to departure.  Prior to departure, all renters will be given specific instructions on proper operation of Mirage drives, sails, and paddles to reduce the likely hood of damage.  Upon return, rentals will be inspected for damage or missing sundry rental items.  Should damage or loss occurred, it will be the discretion of TBO whether repair or replacement charges will apply.  Should there be damage to a Mirage drive that requires additional inspection, the renters security deposit shall be held for an additional 48 hours.  During this time a member of the TBO rigging staff shall perform a complete inspection and submit a written report of damage to the Director of Events and Programs for final determination of charges/refund amount.


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time to complete waivers, pick up gear, receive instruction.  TBO will not extend trip times due to late arrivals, your return time will remain the same as your booked reservation.  Management reserves the right to extend the trip return time for departures leaving late due to circumstances beyond the clients control (weather delays, prior client return delays, extended cleaning time).  TBO offers a 15 minute grace period for the timely return of rentals.  Should you be longer than 15 minutes, you will be charged half of the minimum 2 hour rate plus $ 5.00.  Please be considerate of those who may have rented the boat after you!


At the time of your rental, the TBO staff will advise you of the best direction to take on your trip and advise you of tide and weather situations.  Our staff is trained on the best routes and directions based on paddling ability, tides, currents, weather and of course the sights!  Should you become stranded and unable to return to the rental center via your own abilities, a $ 25.00 fee will be charged for one of our staff members to have come out for an extraction.  Should your stranding require us to send a boat and not just a staff member based on distance, you will be charged “over time” fees as outlined in the “RETURNS” portion of our policies.


Every rental will be inspected prior to leaving and upon returning for damage.  It is the renters responsibility to ensure that care is taken with TBO equipment.  This ensures that the next person has the same enjoyable rental experience.  Our TBO staff will walk renters through the proper care of our equipment during your rental.  This will help ensure the best rental experience on the water.


Should damage occur during your rental, it will be at the discretion of the Director of Programs and Events if repair or replace fees shall prevail.  Please see the below replacement charges for rentals.

Estimated Replacement Costs:

Compass Duo: $ 1,800.00
Compass: $ 1,200.00
Outback: $ 1,700.00
Rev 13: $ 1,600.00
Passport 10.5: $ 900.00
Passport 12.0: $ 1,000.00
Quest 13: $ 900.00
Tandem Is.: $ 4,100.00

Full Rigged Boats:
Pro Angler 12: $ 4,500.00
Pro Angler 14: $ 5,000.00

Mirage Drives:
Blue Fin: $ 681.00
GT Turbo: $ 720.00-$ 734.00
Passport: $ 549.00
Kick-Up: $ 850.00

Dura Cruz: $ 750.00
ATX: $ 600.00
Tao Fit 10: $ 550.00
Tao Fit 11: $ 550.00

Mirage Eclipse:
ACX Deluxe: $ 1,200.00

ATX: $ 65.00
SIC: $ 70.00
Hobie: $ 85.00

Life vest/PFD’s
Youth: $ 25.00
Adult: $ 45.00


We do not allow animals to be on any rental.


TBO will shut down rentals when winds exceed 15 MPH. Should there be thunder and lightning, we will reopen 30 minutes following the last trace of thunder and no lightning strikes within 5 miles of our location. Should your rental be cancelled due to weather related issues, you will receive a full refund. For all non-weather-related cancellations, a 25% fee shall apply for cancellations less than 24 hours in advance.