The Protector Phone Tether 3.0

“Keep your phone secure wherever you go.”


The Protector Phone Tether 3.0

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“Made from durable silicone, this rugged tether protects your phone by connecting one side to your phone case and the other to your jacket. Fits most phone/case models.

Whether you are out in a kayak, up in a tree stand, or just out in the great outdoors, the Protector™ Phone Tether 3.0 will keep your phone from taking a dive and ruining your day.

Silicone case will work with all phones up to 7 inches
Works with side mounted and center mounted cameras
Black PVD coated ring provides increased resistance in hard elements such as saltwater corrosion and oxidation
Take on and off your phone in just seconds
Compact leash is small enough to stay out of your way, but stretches enough to get your photo
Stainless steel internal backing plate for strong durability
Rogue’s Quality Assurance Warranty*
* The leash is covered under the full 1-year Rogue Quality Assurance Guarantee. The silicone case is covered under a 90 day Rogue Quality Assurance Guarantee.”

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