The Ally Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap

“Stand strong with your ally”


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The Ally Stand Up Assist & Drag Strap

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“The Ally is a multipurpose strap that gives you a big lift in all the key areas.

Balance – Remove any uncertainty or concern of standing or sitting in your kayak. Attach the Ally to an anchor point on your boat, easily grab the handle and effortlessly pull yourself up at your convenience. You’ll feel confident and free to pursue adventure in new and exciting ways.

Lift – Your back will thank you when you use the Ally as a drag strap. Simply attach it to the front handle of your kayak, slide one hand thru the handle and grab the strap, then with your other hand grab the handle and lift. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to lift your kayak. Get the tools you need to remove chaos & frustration so you can thrive on the water.
Comfortable handle to help move from seated to standing
Added grip when dragging kayak to the ramp
Made of super strong, heavy duty nylon webbing
28 inches in total length
Rogue’s Quality Assurance Warranty”