Three Belles Marina Oswegatchie Blend Medium Roast Coffee

A coffee tribute to Oswegatchie Hills Road, the place we call home.


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Three Belles Marina Oswegatchie Blend Medium Roast Coffee

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Three Belles Marina, located on Oswegatchie Hills Road, is where we call home.  Our exclusive blend of medium roast coffee is the embodiment of this home.  An everyday blend that always makes you want to come back for another cup.

Packed full of flavor and notes of sweetness, a little bit of fruit, and all the coffee notes you could want.  Whether you take your coffee black, or with some milk and sugar, there is no wrong way to have it.  Our exclusive blend of coffee is locally roasted by Ashlawn Farm Coffee in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.  Available in 12oz whole bean bags.

This item can be backordered.  With our roaster being local, all bags are picked up within days of the beans being roasted.  To ensure you receive the freshest, tastiest beans, we keep limited quantity in stock.  Back orders should ship within a week of the order date.