Matagorda Paddle-Carbon Fiber Hybrid Shaft

“The Matagorda Paddle from YakGear was designed with the serious paddler in mind. With an adjustable shaft length from 230cm to 240cm, the carbon fiber hybrid shaft and blades are only 33 ounces. All YakGear paddle blades are made from a durable ABS plastic and have been designed to be rigid to help push a lot of water during your paddle stroke. The shaft of the paddle has EPA foam inserts in the top and bottom near the blades to ensure the paddle floats. The paddle’s clamp is made of ABS plastic and uses stainless steel screws to adjust the tension of the clamp to meet your needs.”


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Matagorda Paddle-Carbon Fiber Hybrid Shaft

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“Blade designed for low and high angle paddlers (touring blade)-230 – 240 adjustable shaft length-Adjustable blade angle to 30 degrees-Drip rings included-Weight: 33 ounces-SKU: 06-0012”