Ketch Karbonate Board

The Ketch Karbonate is the number one board for CPR fishing tournaments.


Ketch Karbonate Board

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The Ketch Karbonate is the ultimate combination of light weight and rigidity.  With the 26″ board coming in at only 1lb 3oz, the Karbonate is easy to take anywhere with you.  Toss it in your back pack, on the boat, or stow it away in your kayak.

Each board is made with a high level of precision and each line is darkened at the factory.  The contrast of the high visibility yellow and black lines make it easy to get an accurate measurement on every fish.  The black lines are extremely durable and shouldn’t require any darkening for seasons to come.

The Karbonate also features a built in cradle to help keep your fish on the board.  The slight bevel and large fence make it a dream to measure even the largest bass.  The Karbonate is KBF approved and has become the gold standard for Catch – Photo – Release style tournaments.

While the Karbonate does not float out of the box, there is a float kit which will be coming soon!

Pair the Karbonate with the Ketch Keeper, or the Ketch ID for your tournament day.

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