Ken Wood

A lifelong fisherman, I began fishing from a kayak in 2007, with the purchase of a Pelican Getaway 140. From there, I started fishing small, local kayak tournaments, but my love of competition pushed me to look for competitive opportunities beyond the local trails. 

In 2016, I entered the national stage by competing in the first-ever Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) National Championship on Kentucky Lake. Since then, as the sport of kayak bass fishing has grown, I have continued to hone my craft by competing in regional and national events, amassing over twenty wins and nearly one hundred top ten finishes. I finished in the top ten in the nation in 2018 and 2019, and in 2020 won the KBF Regional Angler of the Year title for the first time. 

Also in 2020, I accepted a position on the Jackson Kayak national fishing team, a great companion to my position on the Dakota Lithium team, both of which are strengthened by this new relationship with Three Belles Outfitters, whose reputation in the industry is second to none and the primary reason I happily joined the team. 

I am primarily a freshwater angler, with bass—largemouth and smallmouth—being my favorite species to pursue.   

I am the founder of Massachusetts Kayak Bassin’, the biggest kayak bass fishing tournament series in the state. I am also a husband, father, Air Force veteran, obsessive music fan, writer, publisher, editor, and dozens of other things. My list of passions is as diverse as it is long.