Jason Gardner

Jason Gardner holding a fish

Hometown: Topsham, Maine

I grew up fishing. My family and I would go to camp every summer and fish every day. Every day. Whether it was from the dock or in the small 14’ aluminum boat at camp. I miss those days. My father taught my brother and I a lot about fishing, and removing lures from trees, but he didn’t get to fish much tending to 2 young sons.

I got into Kayak Fishing 4 years ago, and it started out as fun, but my competitive nature took over and I found kayak tournaments. Now I travel the Country fishing in some of the biggest events KBF, Hobie, and B.A.S.S offer. I am the Northeast Regional Coordinator for KBF, President and Founder of Maine Yak Anglers, and will be starting a new Series (with some friends) in the Northeast in 2021; bringing KBF Partners Groups together to offer bigger events without having to travel as far.

I am strictly a fresh water Bass Angler, but I’m hoping to dabble in some Saltwater fishing this year as well. In addition to being on the Three Belles Fishing Team, I also work with the following companies: Team Dakota Lithium, Ketch Pro Team, Team Yakattack, Neverlost Gear. I also run my own fresh water bait hobby, Dirigo Bait.

Being on the TBO Fishing Team is something I don’t take lightly. I was shocked when I received the call asking if I was interested. To follow in the footsteps of Cris Debeer, Cory Pelletier, Jose Negron, and Tom Kringle; it’s an honor to be mentioned in the same group.

Three Belles has jumped in feet first into the freshwater side of Kayak Fishing and look for them to be making an even bigger splash next year. I can’t wait to see what the Freshwater Team for Three Belles looks like in the future.