Corey Pelletier

I have been on the Three Belles fishing team for five years and 2021 will be my fourth year as part of the Hobie Fishing team. When I am not fishing, I am working as a fisheries biologist. Therefore, between work and play, I would say my life revolves around fishing. I joined the team to work towards becoming a leader in the kayak fishing community. Passionate about Hobie kayaks, I felt comfortable and excited about representing such a great brand. To this day I will still argue that Hobie makes the best kayaks on the market. Fishing means something different to each person individually and for me, fishing fulfills many things. It is an outlet to be outdoors, a serenity, a challenge, and a rewarding feeling.

Being part of a team has been a way to embrace this further by engaging more in the community, representing brands and companies that I believe in and helping people discover the sport. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed competing in tournaments as they bring out the competitive side in me but also help me focus on fishing and spending long periods of time on the water. Additionally, I have been using my kayak as a platform for waterfowl hunting. I’ve come to love using my camo Outback covered with a layer of burlap to hunker down along a shoreline and target birds from.

Kayak fishing has become more than what meets the eye, not only for myself but within the entire community. Purchasing your first kayak initially seems like an easy way to get on the water, but for many, continues to evolve into a much stronger passion. I am very excited to be a part of this community and look forward to growing with the sport.